I lead Mission Operations Innovation for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  My goal is to empower explorers by revolutionizing the ways that we control robots, spacecraft, and other complex systems.  I led the development of the system that controls the Curiosity Mars Rover and many other similar projects.  In addition, I'm passionate about sharing the journey of space exploration with the world.

I also speak professionally, using cutting edge technology on stage to weave together engaging stories about innovation and partnership for clients around the world.

At MIT, I completed my Bachelors and Masters degrees in electrical engineering and computer science while working at the Media Lab and the AI Lab.  I received my Ph.D. from USC.


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I draw upon my passion for space exploration and technology to deliver stunning keynotes on innovation and partnership.



"By far the best keynote I have been to."  -  Lisbeth Skogland
"If you ever have the chance to hear Jeff Norris speak, DON'T MISS IT!"  -  Jim Andelman
"Your keynote truly was the best one I've ever seen at any conference."  -  Josh Baran
"Jeff's closing keynote just blew everyone's minds!"  -  Maggie Jan
"Certainly the best keynote I've seen so far. ever. period."  -  Ketan Padegaonkar


Email me at jeffrey.s.norris@gmail.com

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